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Ford Has An Aluminum Show And Tell About The 2015 F-150 Part I

Ford is making its rounds throughout the US trying to introduce their new F-150 before it hits the Showrooms this fall. They were fully aware that releasing a truck made with military grade aluminum alloy would raise some eyebrows and ruffle some feathers. True to their suspicions it created quite an uproar in the automotive

PDR Technicians: Does Bird Poop Really Destroy Your Clear Coat? Part I

Yes and No. Car enthusiasts dread the potential of bird poop destroying the hood of theirs cars, and yet, to avoid the blistering heat, they choose to park under trees and take the risk. The word is, that the acidity from the bird gifts will cut right through the clear coat and quite often the

PDR Technician: Drilling And Disclosure

Drilling is a very sensitive subject for both the Technician and the customer. You can find yourself in a lawsuit quicker than you can blink if you drilled and did not disclose the possibility of issues. You will of course have a contract/disclaimer form that they will need to sign if you have to drill,

PDR Technicians: After Repair Care For Alloy Wheels Part III

We are finally at the end of our follow-up document. Following is what you would add to the Car Wash section, just below the rail information: Cleaning your wheels by hand is the best treatment for premium wheels. If you find that it is absolutely necessary to go to a car wash, then choose ones

PDR Technicians: After Repair Care For Alloy Wheels Part II

Okay, so we have taken your follow-up instructions through the most important first 24 hours. There will be additional information covering this first 24 hours, but you really want the section we just did to \’Pop\’, meaning; it needs to stand out and catch their immediate attention. This would also be a good time to

PDR Technicians: After Repair Care For Alloy Wheels Part I

So, you have just finished yet another repair with Alloy Wheels, do you have a follow up form with instructions for the customer? There is an order to things and having follow-up instructions not only shows that you are organized but that you care about the work you have done and don\’t want to see

PDR Technology Training: Student Behavior and Conduct Part V

Finally, the final Rules of the school that apply to you the student. 13. Solicitation which reflects unfavorably upon the school and/or its students. 14. Vandalism of school property-Okay, hold up your hand if you\’re an adult. You are in a professional school environment and expected to act like an adult. You are neither in

PDR Technology Training: Student Behavior and Conduct Part IV

So far we have covered seven of the seventeen Grounds for Disciplinary Action. Let\’s get right into more now. 8. Breach of school enrollment agreement. 9. Falsifying school records. 10. Disorderly conduct which interferes with the learning process of any other student, instructor, or the general progress of the class-This should not be that hard

PDR Technology Training: Student Behavior and Conduct Part III

Now that we have successfully covered the first five infractions that are Grounds for Disciplinary Action. Let\’s move on to the next few rules that you will need to fully understand before stepping into your first class on your first day. We get new students from all over the United States of every nationality, religious

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