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PDR Technology Training: Student Behavior and Conduct Part III

Now that we have successfully covered the first five infractions that are Grounds for Disciplinary Action. Let\’s move on to the next few rules that you will need to fully understand before stepping into your first class on your first day. We get new students from all over the United States of every nationality, religious beliefs, and political standing. All of these things require rules to govern your performance and success. There is absolutely no room for insubordination or even discrimination. All paying students should be able to come into a classroom environment and have the most basic of expectations met. We have created a safe learning environment that gets as well as gives respect for its and your success.

6. Failure to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the school-We have been covering this on so many levels hopefully, you are seeing the big picture being laid out for you.

7. Failure to pay tuition or any other charges when due-When you fail to pay your bill to us, you must understand the trickle down affect that it has on everybody employed by this school that is here to serve you. You are hurting the foundation from which we are built and there is a clear expectation of paychecks and supplies needed to operate. If you provided a service you would expect to be paid for it. For example; if you worked all day for a customers several projects, you would expect to be paid for those services. If they cut you a check and it bounces, is it fair that now you have to chase down your deserved and earned pay? Neither is it so for us.

Keep following these posts to get the very next student behavior expectations and what grounds there are for severing our relationship with any student.

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