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The Paintless Dent School’s Headlight Renewal Repair Training and Restoration Kit offers a fast and safe solution for bringing back the crystal clarity of all types of acrylic headlights. With our innovative Headlight Renewal System, restoring the showroom shine and like-new appearance of your headlights is easier than ever before. Our kit effectively removes yellowing, foggy or oxidized headlamps and even buffs out unsightly hairline scratches, smudges, and flaws. Say goodbye to yellowed headlights and hello to a brighter, safer drive with the Paintless Dent School’s Headlight Renewal Repair Training and Restoration Kit.

Headlight Renewal Training & Equipment

Learn to Repair:

  • Yellowed
  • Foggy
  • Oxidized
  • Hairline Scratches
  • Smudges
  • and Flaws

Learn Headlight Renewal

Headlight Renewal System

Restore and maintain the clarity of your acrylic headlights with ease using the Paintless Dent School’s Headlight Renewal Kit. Our innovative Headlight Renewal System is the ultimate solution for bringing back the like-new shine your headlights had when you first drove them off the showroom floor. If your headlights have become yellowed, foggy, or oxidized, don’t worry – our kit is designed to quickly and safely clean them up and restore their original appearance. Say goodbye to hairline scratches, smudges, and flaws, as our kit is specially designed to buff them out. Don’t settle for dull, yellowed headlights any longer – experience the difference with the Paintless Dent School’s Headlight Renewal Kit today.
Headlight Renewal

It's All About Headlight Renewal Training

Headlight Restoration has become an increasingly popular add-on profit center for dealer service drives, auto detailers, and auto appearance repair technicians in recent years. With today’s vehicles being driven on the road for longer periods, plastic headlights and lens covers are subject to harsh road conditions that cause them to become yellowed and discolored over time.Many people wonder how plastic headlights become damaged and scratched. The answer lies in the effects of sunlight, road salt, harsh chemicals, and road debris, all of which can leave headlights looking yellow, foggy, and hazy.

This surface damage not only looks unattractive and can be costly to replace with new headlights but can also cause reduced effectiveness of your headlights, leading to decreased visibility while driving at night.

A black car with its headlights being renewed.
Learn to repair yellowed headlights
The car's headlight undergoes renewal with tape.
Repair to Like-New Condition

Headlight Renewal Training

Introducing our Headlight Renewal Training Package – the perfect solution to permanently remove yellow discoloration from foggy and yellowed headlights. What’s more, it not only cleans but also polishes the lens surface, eliminating any dullness or foggy appearance.Our fast and easy repair process ensures that your vehicle’s headlights will look as good as new, greatly enhancing its value and appearance. Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing headlights and enjoy the benefits of our Headlight Renewal Training Package.
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