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At our training institute, we are passionate about empowering you with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the thriving auto detailing industry. Our comprehensive program encompasses everything from the fundamentals of car washing to advanced techniques for polishing and waxing. We ensure that you learn about the latest products and equipment used in the industry, as well as the best practices for utilizing them. Our highly experienced instructors provide you with personalized, hands-on training and constructive feedback to help you sharpen your skills and build your confidence. Upon completion of our program, you will have gained the essential tools and knowledge to succeed in this dynamic and fulfilling field. 


The Paintless Dent School has been leading the way in Auto Detailing Training since 1993. We are proud to be the largest Auto Appearance School in the Nation, with several campuses across the country. Our school is certified by the Bureau For Private Post Secondary and Vocational Education (Certification #3013591), as well as other State Agencies. This accreditation allows us to provide complete Auto Appearance Repair solutions for our valued customers. Join us and become a part of our legacy of excellence in the Auto Appearance industry.

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Our Mission Is Simple

At Paintless Dent School, we are dedicated to delivering nothing but excellence to our customers. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we strive to exceed your expectations with every interaction. Our state-of-the-art auto detail packages are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate, allowing you to enjoy a seamless experience. Our industry-leading position is a testament to our quality training, equipment, and people. At the core of our business lies a customer service team that is 100% dedicated to your satisfaction. Whether you’re looking to learn from us or utilize our services, our goal is to help you reach your potential and achieve your objectives. Come experience the difference with the Paintless Dent School.

FREE ceramic coating training. Total Reconditioning Package. This Package Includes Training Only. Equipment Can Be Purchased Separately.

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Our Mission

  • Competitively priced detail packages with the finest equipment and detail chemicals.
  • Structured training programs in small classes designed to teach you more in less time.
  • The industry’s finest instructors with years of auto detailing experience.
  • Eleven years of retail shop and mobile detail experience in all aspects of auto appearance.
  • On-going technical support for all Paintless Dent School Graduates.
  • State licensed business classes designed to keep you ten steps ahead of your competition.
  • The Paintless Dent School is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, a member of 15 trade associations and registered with multiple state organizations ensuring quality training and customer service.
  • All Paintless Dent School students are guaranteed to work alongside a master instructor on actual vehicles, experiencing real life situations.
  • We have hundreds of satisfied graduates fulfilling their dream of operating their own successful business.
  • An exclusive confidential operations manual to assist you run and build your business.

Cleaning Courses

Interior Course

Interior Cleaning Training

  • Hot Water Extractor for Carpet & Seats
  • Vinyl Dressing of All Interior Components
  • Stain Removal
  • Carpet Dyeing
  • Vacuuming
  • Dashboards & Headliner Conditioning
  • Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Process
  • Glass Cleaning Techniques
  • Odor Removal
  • Techniques for Cleaning Nooks & Crevicesd

Interior Cleaning

Our comprehensive auto detailing training program offers a diverse range of techniques and equipment to ensure that you receive the best training possible. You will master the use of a hot water extractor for deep cleaning of carpets and seats, as well as learn to use vinyl dressing for all interior components. Additionally, we will teach you how to tackle tough stains and even carpet dyeing, along with vacuuming, conditioning dashboards and headliners, leather cleaning and conditioning, glass cleaning, odor removal, and techniques for cleaning nooks and crevices. By the end of our program, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide top-notch auto detailing services. 

Exterior Course

Exterior Cleaning Training

  • Preparing for The Wash
  • Wheel Cleaning & Polishing
  • Cleaning & Dressing Exterior Trim
  • Door Jambs Degreasing
  • The Engine Compartment
  • Proper Use of Polishers & Buffers
  • What Detail Chemicals to Use
  • The Final Inspection

Exterior Cleaning

Our auto detailing program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of auto detailing. From preparing for the wash to wheel cleaning and polishing, exterior trim cleaning and dressing, door jamb degreasing, and engine compartment cleaning, our program covers it all. You’ll also gain expertise in using polishers and buffers, selecting the appropriate detail chemicals, and conducting a thorough final inspection to ensure your work is of the highest quality. By the end of the program, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to meet the demands of the industry and satisfy your clients’ expectations. 

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