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PDR Technicians: After Repair Care For Alloy Wheels Part II

Okay, so we have taken your follow-up instructions through the most important first 24 hours. There will be additional information covering this first 24 hours, but you really want the section we just did to \’Pop\’, meaning; it needs to stand out and catch their immediate attention. This would also be a good time to mention that you need to have some sort of policy that they should sign. You want them to agree with your terms, for example, if they should cause any  damage which is covered in your follow-up document, that they are responsible for them. You will be released of any responsibility caused by the client and they will need to pay you again for the services. This should be added to your website under your policies. You will have a collection of different policy forms that they should sign and agree to depending on the services rendered, so you will want to make a Page for Policies and then each one will go into the subcategories, so that if the client loses their copy or forgets what it said, they will simply need to go to your site to get it.  Special note; all conversation within parenthesis will be my notes to you personally. You won\’t need to add them to your form.

The clearcoat takes about four weeks to fully cure. Once that time has passed, the Alloy Wheels will need regular maintenance in order to maintain their perfected appearance. (These instructions are much like what the manufacturer of premium wheels would provide.)

Stay Away From Car Washes With Rails

Alignment rails on most car washes are designed for standard issue tires and wheels. When you have a large vehicle, such as a truck or van, the rim/wheel never gets near the rail. However, low profile vehicles with low profile wheels, will land just below the top of the alignment rail, which can damage the edge of the wheel.

I will finish with Part III. See you there.

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