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A person is sanding a rim as part of their paintless dent repair training.
Wheel Repair

The Ultimate Guide to Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists: Restoring Your Wheels to Perfection

Alloy wheels are a popular choice for car enthusiasts due to their stylish appearance and improved performance. However, despite their durability, alloy wheels are susceptible to damage from curbs, potholes, and general wear and tear. When your prized wheels become scratched, dented, scuffed, or bent wheels, bent rims, it’s essential to address the issues promptly

PDR Technicians: After Repair Care For Alloy Wheels Part III

We are finally at the end of our follow-up document. Following is what you would add to the Car Wash section, just below the rail information: Cleaning your wheels by hand is the best treatment for premium wheels. If you find that it is absolutely necessary to go to a car wash, then choose ones

PDR Technicians: After Repair Care For Alloy Wheels Part II

Okay, so we have taken your follow-up instructions through the most important first 24 hours. There will be additional information covering this first 24 hours, but you really want the section we just did to \’Pop\’, meaning; it needs to stand out and catch their immediate attention. This would also be a good time to

PDR Technicians: After Repair Care For Alloy Wheels Part I

So, you have just finished yet another repair with Alloy Wheels, do you have a follow up form with instructions for the customer? There is an order to things and having follow-up instructions not only shows that you are organized but that you care about the work you have done and don\’t want to see

Alloy Wheel Repair: This is a Huge Money Maker, How Much?

Alloy Wheel Repair is a huge money maker. One of the biggest eye sores to car owners besides dents is the scuffing, curb rash, small nicks and dings, corrosion and color fade, including gouges done to their wheels. Most of these happen because of poor judgement, as a result of an accident, or just weather

Pothole\’s Can Be The Death Of Your Alloy Wheels

I am sure that you yourself or many friends and neighbors have driven through a pothole at least once in their lives. The damage, as a result, can be quite costly. As a PDR Technician who has been trained to repair Alloy Wheels, you need to be hyper aware of the pothole season, so to

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