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Pothole\’s Can Be The Death Of Your Alloy Wheels

I am sure that you yourself or many friends and neighbors have driven through a pothole at least once in their lives. The damage, as a result, can be quite costly. As a PDR Technician who has been trained to repair Alloy Wheels, you need to be hyper aware of the pothole season, so to speak, as this is the season of increasing your earnings. When the cold weather, with its snow and freezing temperatures, begins to thaw out you will need to be careful of its parting gifts, potholes.

Potholes take the opportunity to form when moisture collects in small holes and cracks in the road surface. When the weather begins to go through its changes, the moisture expands and contracts due to freezing and thawing. This causes a break in the pavement which combined with the weight of the cars, eventually results in the all feared potholes.

A few suggestions that you can offer your customers, perhaps in a monthly newsletter, is to watch for the potholes ahead, if you have to go through a pothole because of maneuvering restrictions, then without causing an accident, attempt to slow down, way down. Also, watch for puddles in the road, this generally means that the water has pooled inside of a pothole.

Make these suggestions prior to the thawing of our weather. You may suggest that they take a look at their wheels to see if there was any damage, if their car is vibrating when driving, they may have ruined their suspension, or lost one of the wheel weights that balance the tires. You should also warn them that if there is a new sound as they are driving that wasn\’t there before driving through a pothole(s), they need to take their car in immediately as they may have broken the suspension component(s).

By offering your customers sage advice, when something does happen to their Alloy Wheels, they will have already learned to trust your opinions and advice and give you a call. To add Alloy Wheel Repair Training just contact Paintless Dent School.




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