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Alloy Wheel Repair: This is a Huge Money Maker, How Much?

Alloy Wheel Repair is a huge money maker. One of the biggest eye sores to car owners besides dents is the scuffing, curb rash, small nicks and dings, corrosion and color fade, including gouges done to their wheels. Most of these happen because of poor judgement, as a result of an accident, or just weather wear and tear. Whatever the cause, repairing Alloy Wheels is a service that will make you a lot of money. What others would think impossible, you see as simple. This particular service is much like someone receiving a face lift. It changes the total appearance of a car. Avail your services to Car Clubs, Car Shows, Car Enthusiasts, and just plain old car owners. Your efforts will be rewarded time after time.

How much can you make? Well, let\’s say that you have a client that you met at a Car Show, this would be a Retail Customer and you would charge $150. If you are providing your services to a Used Car Dealership, this would be Wholesale and you would charge $60. These are estimates and you can charge whatever you want, but you want to remember that you don\’t want to charge so much that you lose the possibility of providing additional services in the future. This warning rings true for both retail and wholesale clients. The actual work takes you about 30 minutes to complete and will cost you $5 in supplies. So, if you are working with a Retail customer then your profit would be $145 for 30 minutes of work. That\’s huge!

Thankfully, Alloy Wheel Repair is a booming business and there is a lot of money to be made. You need to get your marketing together and get the word out as soon as possible. If you\’re on the fence on which packages to take advantage of, you definitely should consider this one.

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