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PDR Technicians: After Repair Care For Alloy Wheels Part I

So, you have just finished yet another repair with Alloy Wheels, do you have a follow up form with instructions for the customer? There is an order to things and having follow-up instructions not only shows that you are organized but that you care about the work you have done and don\’t want to see it messed up right after you leave. Believe it or not, this is just as important as getting instructions from your doctor or hospital right after surgery. If you don\’t give them clear instructions, they won\’t know what to do. Some things that you think are common sense just aren\’t for everyone. Telling them your instructions will not be enough either, unless in a school environment, people will not remember 90% of what you said. It\’s a fact.

Get creative with your document. Go crazy with designs, not too crazy of course. Keep it professional but fun. So what information do you want to include? I\’m going to lay it out for you so that all you will need to do is to copy and paste the information right onto your creative document. You will of course need to play with the formatting, like the Title will in fact be larger than you will find here. Plus you will be working around or within space limitations because of the design you created with the form. Okay, let\’s get started.

Alloy Wheel Repair Follow-Up Instructions (You can change this to any title you want)

Your first 24 hours are the most important. Your wheel(s) will be dry to the touch but you should NOT rub them. You need to allow for them to fully dry. There are layers that were applied but the final layers of the clearcoat needs the most immediate care. If your wheels are exposed to light rain or brief wetness, this should be fine and should not damage your wheels. If however, if there is a great deal of rain, or they are exposed to a strong spray or prolonged immersion, this could cause permanent damage to the clearcoat.

Follow me over to Part II for more information. Questions? Paintless Dent Repair School.



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