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PDR Technicians: After Repair Care For Alloy Wheels Part III

We are finally at the end of our follow-up document. Following is what you would add to the Car Wash section, just below the rail information:

Cleaning your wheels by hand is the best treatment for premium wheels. If you find that it is absolutely necessary to go to a car wash, then choose ones that are \”touch-less\”. Do not go to any that use the alignment rail system, even if it is a year later.

Further Recommendations:

  • Never wash freshly reconditioned wheels before 24 hours has passed
  • Just following the first 24 hours, wash the wheels by hand and then continue to wash the wheels by hand for the first four weeks
  • Never, ever, wash your wheels when they are hot. You can cool them down with plain water before using soap. Once they are cooled, you will want to be sure that you always remove road salt, dirt, and brake lining dust; if you don\’t, the finish on the wheels will corrode
  • Do not be tempted to use any cleaner or wax on freshly reconditioned wheels for four weeks
  • Once the four weeks has passed, you can use an acid free cleaning agent on the wheels. Any cleaner that uses acid will damage the clearcoat and substrate
  • Once the four weeks have passed, a superior wax should be rubbed onto the clearcoat every three months. This wax will protect the skin of the clearcoat from foreign matter build-up
  • Never, ever use abrasive polish or other abrasive agents on your newly reconditioned Alloy Wheels. If the protective layer of the clearcoat becomes damaged, it should be repaired immediately

This is it, you now have your Follow-up form completed. You can add to, or take away from, any part of this list. I would suggest you keep to the instructions though. IDEA: If it is within your means, get business cards with a magnet backing and make the Follow-Up form to fit on a half sheet. They can put this up on their refrigerator so that they always have the information quick at hand. If you have any questions Paintless Dent School.

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