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PDR Technology Training: Student Behavior and Conduct Part IV

So far we have covered seven of the seventeen Grounds for Disciplinary Action. Let\’s get right into more now.

8. Breach of school enrollment agreement.

9. Falsifying school records.

10. Disorderly conduct which interferes with the learning process of any other student, instructor, or the general progress of the class-This should not be that hard to understand. This would include being a wise-cracker, class clown, class prankster, or any other thing that you can think of that disrupt the class. People, including you, have paid for this education and every minute you take away from getting your monies worth hurts everyone. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones where your parents are paying for everything but most are not and are not there to see you attempt to perform your comedy hour jokes. So don\’t.

11. Carrying a concealed or potentially dangerous weapon-Seriously? If you think under any circumstances that this is okay, then again, we are not here to teach you something that you should have already been taught. In this day and age with terrorism tactics, you need to have total and complete respect for those around you and their feelings with regards to weapons. Not even your handy Swiss Knife should be brought into the classroom environment. Use common sense.

11. Instigation and/or even participation in rebellious activities against the school and/or against its students-This is the same stuff that I was talking about in the first and second post in this series, this is absolutely NOT okay. What must you be thinking to think that this is somehow cute or okay? There will be no debate as far as this is concerned, this a ZERO tolerance offense. You may as well pack up your personal belongings because this will not end well for you.

We have only six more to go. Hang in there and keep following.

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