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PDR Technician: Customer Says \”THEY Can Do It Better, For Cheaper\”, What Will You Do?


First, let\’s define who THEY are. These are other PDR Technicians, your competition. Before you get into a tug-of-war, consider this. If you live in a metropolitan area of your state, you may very well find that you are competing with several PDR Technicians. You may find that your pricing is very much based on their pricing. You want to know what they are charging and then define the amount that you are comfortable with.

Here\’s how you do that: Take a used car from the junk yard or someones backyard, with their permission of course, cut out two pieces out of the hood. They should be at least 6\”x6\” pieces. Make sure to some door edge molding around the edges so that your customer doesn\’t cut themselves.  Put a small dent in each piece of the hood and then fix one piece the way you would do for any vehicle, and the other you will fix it the way a Technician would do for the cheaper price. What I mean by this is, if you can look at both pieces straight on they will both look excellent. However, if you have the customer look at the sub-par piece that was done for a lesser price, they will see that the Technician with the sub-par dent will have left the dent a bit low and wavy. They should be able to see the ghost of the dent still there in the poorly repaired panel. Now tell them that each and every time they walk up to the car, say from the back to the front, they will always see this flaw and in most cases, it will drive them crazy. A true thorn in the side.

If your potential customer still is not sold, ask them to ask the other PDR Technician if they will be able to see any slightness from the side. They have to tell the truth, well at least you hope they will.  Trust me when I say, they will not get a guarantee and will be back to see you.

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