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PDR Technician: Drilling And Disclosure


Drilling is a very sensitive subject for both the Technician and the customer. You can find yourself in a lawsuit quicker than you can blink if you drilled and did not disclose the possibility of issues. You will of course have a contract/disclaimer form that they will need to sign if you have to drill, but not even this signature will save you from the lawsuit if you did not disclose that drilling could change the value of their car if they are trying to sell it. It will not qualify as a certified used vehicle because it will void his or her corrosion warranty. Please be sure to add this information and read it to the customer before you have it signed. You may even opt to have a witness sign it as well. You need to protect your business and it\’s much better to be transparent than to be accused of dishonesty.

Now, how do you sell a customer on drilling? There will be times when drilling will be necessary. This of course is only when you cannot reach the dent without removing the entire panel. If your customer opts for you to remove the panel, then you will have to let them know that it will increase the cost of the job because of the time needed to do this. Customers won\’t like this but they really don\’t have a choice.

How you present this option is paramount to your success. If you just walk up to your customer and blurt out that\” I\’m going to have to drill a hole in your car\” the visual that the customer gets is quite horrific. Wouldn\’t it be for you if the tables were turned? Take one of the plugs and lay it down next to where the work needs to be done and then show them the spot that needs drilling. You will say \”I will need to put a small access hole here for my tools, and this is how it will look when it is done.\” They are usually okay with it when said like this.

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