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PDR Technology Training: Student Behavior and Conduct Part V

Finally, the final Rules of the school that apply to you the student. 13. Solicitation which reflects unfavorably upon the school and/or its students. 14. Vandalism of school property-Okay, hold up your hand if you\’re an adult. You are in a professional school environment and expected to act like an adult. You are neither in

PDR Technology Training: Student Behavior and Conduct Part IV

So far we have covered seven of the seventeen Grounds for Disciplinary Action. Let\’s get right into more now. 8. Breach of school enrollment agreement. 9. Falsifying school records. 10. Disorderly conduct which interferes with the learning process of any other student, instructor, or the general progress of the class-This should not be that hard

PDR Technology Training: Student Behavior and Conduct Part III

Now that we have successfully covered the first five infractions that are Grounds for Disciplinary Action. Let\’s move on to the next few rules that you will need to fully understand before stepping into your first class on your first day. We get new students from all over the United States of every nationality, religious

PDR Technology Training: Student Behavior and Conduct Part II

In our first Post I spoke about all of the things that have gone wrong with our young adults, which really wasn\’t all that bad right? Basically, my point is that somewhere, our society has lost respect for authoritative figures. This can come in any manifestation with any field from Police Officers to Teachers. It

PDR Technology Training: Student Behavior and Conduct Part I

New students listen up! If you didn\’t read or understand these rules before, this might be a good time to revisit them. We live in an age where respect and courtesy are no longer an option. Those born from the 80\’s and later were raised in an era where the parents were determined not to

The PDR Industry Is Finally Getting the Recognition It Deserves

What are the industry standards in Paintless Dent Repair? Finally, after many years of distrust and running into brick walls with the insurance companies, PDR methods are universally accepted and recognized by car manufacturer’s, dealerships and auto body shops as a viable way to increase business and encourage a more cost effective way of fixing

Staring Down the Face of the Ugly Truth

What is the Ugly Truth? Well it’s unfortunate but as recorded with the National Safety Council, one in every eight drivers will be involved in a motor vehicle accident this year. That’s a whole lot of accidents and a whole lot of people needing your help and expertise. It’s unfortunate that it appears that there

More on How Insurance Company’s View Paintless Dent Repair

As a graduate of Paintless Dent School, a part of your independent business will be to be able to deal and work with insurance companies and their claim adjusters. This is sometimes going to be very difficult because many, not all, assume a position of control and as a result, many customers mistakenly succumb to the

Make Peace with Auto Body Shops

One of the first things that you need to wrap your head around is that body shops are not your enemy. In fact, if treated correctly and with respect, they could be your friends. Traditional auto body shops definitely serve their purpose and certainly you could name a few that you think are excellent ones.

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