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The PDR Industry Is Finally Getting the Recognition It Deserves

What are the industry standards in Paintless Dent Repair? Finally, after many years of distrust and running into brick walls with the insurance companies, PDR methods are universally accepted and recognized by car manufacturer’s, dealerships and auto body shops as a viable way to increase business and encourage a more cost effective way of fixing the aesthetics of a car for a greater return on effort. Manufacturer’s especially love that the paint in no way is damaged that’s because it is the only dent removal practice that maintains the original surface and finish without any cracking, chipping, or need for repainting.

Insurance companies are coming a long way and are recognizing the value of Paintless Dent Repair, and are recommending it to clients who are filing a claim for minor body damage caused by small dents and/or dings. Interesting enough, there are quite a few of the major insurance companies that are suggesting and offering their clients the opportunity to choose this less expensive method and not charging them any deductible. If that’s not incentive I don’t know what is.

Oftentimes, those that have been exposed to PDR methods may choose to not even file a claim thereby bypassing any deductibles that may be incurred plus the risk of increased rates once the insurance claim has been filed. However, if there is extensive damage then you will have to recommend that your client go and file a claim. You can only do so much.

Probably the most valued and appreciated part of the service that we offer is the fact that the down time for a vehicle is minimal and can oftentimes be completed within one or two hours in the parking lot of the customer’s employment. This eliminates the hassle of renting a car, no hassle in finding other transportation, and no long waiting periods for the car to be returned to you in its original luster. You can see then why your talent as a PDR Technician is valued and results in a fast and easy solution.

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