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PDR Technology Training: Student Behavior and Conduct Part II

In our first Post I spoke about all of the things that have gone wrong with our young adults, which really wasn\’t all that bad right? Basically, my point is that somewhere, our society has lost respect for authoritative figures. This can come in any manifestation with any field from Police Officers to Teachers. It would seem that the basic respect for authority and consideration of others and life, has simply disappeared from our core values. So let\’s discuss what is expected of you as one of our students, and what are the Grounds for Disciplinary Action:

1. Unsatisfactory academic performance.

2. Unsatisfactory attendance.

3. Unprofessional behavior and/or conduct that reflects unfavorably upon the school and/or its students-During your time in training and after graduating, your behavior reflects on yourself and us. We stand behind our graduates and their performance, and even provide retail referrals. You need to remain professional in every way possible.

4. Use of drugs, narcotics, alcohol (or under the influence), gambling, profanity-Even if you are in a state that marijuana is legalized, it is entirely unprofessional to smoke in the presence of the customer and unacceptable to come to school high. There is absolutely no lead way or room for forgiveness in either situation.

5. Inappropriate clothing worn during training-This shouldn\’t be too hard to understand, for women: no Daisy Dukes, no plunging necklines, nothing see through. For men: no derogatory statements on T-shirts, no holes in the jeans that expose areas that shouldn\’t be exposed, and no jeans or pants that are below the waistline. Basically no sagging. Look, we expect you to show up in the same clothing that you would show up to a job that you are performing. If you have no understanding of what is right and what is wrong here, then you may have more problems than it is our place to teach.

Follow me over to the next post for more. Questions? Paintless Dent School.

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