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PDR Technology Training: Student Behavior and Conduct Part I

New students listen up! If you didn\’t read or understand these rules before, this might be a good time to revisit them. We live in an age where respect and courtesy are no longer an option. Those born from the 80\’s and later were raised in an era where the parents were determined not to make the same mistakes their parents made by raising their children with an iron fist. I am just one of those parents. As a result, we have children now becoming adults who have no understanding of boundaries nor do they have any respect for authoritative figures. Now, I\’m not saying all parents were guilty of this and not all children grew up disrespecting their elders. I am saying however, that overall this virus has no cure, and when these young adults become parents, another generation with the same virus will emerge. I have no answers or even suggestions on how to correct this but I do understand that in order to get respect you have to show it. So, let\’s start here.

As with any professional environment, you are expected to understand how to conduct yourself in a business like manner. All students are expected to extend their best efforts in following all rules, to get along with the staff, which includes the trainers, and to get along with other students. We expect these things because we are committed to preparing our students for the highest expectations of employers. Following, in the next post, is just such a list of expectations, and if these expectations are not followed then the school reserves the right to end the partnership otherwise known as your training. If you can\’t be respectful in the classroom environment then it is very unlikely that you will make it in the workforce. We turn out only the best, and stand behind our students both in reputation and professional skills learned. See you over at the following post.

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