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WordPress: It\’s Time To Write Your First Post

This will be where you will have the opportunity to create content, add text, images, video, and even audio files. You can also set your posts on a schedule so if you take a Sunday lets say, and write several posts at one time, you would be able to drip the posts to your readers one at a time and on the dates that you choose. If you plan on only send out one post per week, then if you write all four on one day, as you finish writing them you can schedule them throughout the month. Write down your ideas throughout the week so that you don\’t get choked up when looking at a blank screen. The best advice ever.

Once you\’ve clicked the tab to add a post you will get to a page that looks much like the Page where you added words to go onto your site. The difference is that on this page you\’re actually going to write. You have a lot of functions available to you on this page and until you get completely comfortable with it you should definitely take a look at each function and practice with them to see how they work.

If your main page is set to show your blogs, then you will want to get real comfortable with the Insert More Tag on the toolbar. It looks like a piece of paper torn in half. This is awesome because you can use this to show where you would like your blog to cut off and provide the text on your site that says or directs your readers to click here to read more. You don\’t want to have your home page covered with one long post, you will lose your readers. While on that subject of losing your readers, you will need to keep your posts brief and cut up into several short paragraphs. Your readers have only a short amount of time that they will give to reading so make it easy.

Here at \”Paintless Dent School\” , we\’re here to field any questions you may have so let us know if we can help.

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