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Geico Insurance: Yes, They Refer Their Clients To PDR Technology

Geico is yet another insurance company that stands behind Paintless Dent Repair. As a PDR Technician it\’s going to be important that you know which insurance companies are going to pay for PDR Technology. Here at \”Paintless Dent School\” we\’re keeping an eye out for you. Here\’s what Geico said:

PDR is essentially the removal of dents from a vehicle body. There are several methods, but a popular choice involves the use of special rods and picks. The rods and picks are used to literally massage the dent from inside of the body panel. An alternative PDR method is the application of glue to the outside of the body panel. The glue then allows for the dents to be pulled out.

The PDR Equipment

The dent removal process is greatly aided by the use of fluorescent lighting and light-reflection boards. The lighting and boards help to reveal the shadows which are formed as a result of the dent deformation. This is a critical stage in the PDR process and this equipment is an important part of a dent removal specialist\’s toolkit.

If fluorescent lighting or a light-reflection board is not used it will be far more difficult to remove the dents. Therefore, as the task requires a great deal of precision it is highly recommended that the correct equipment is used. Any reputable dent removal expert will use such equipment to complete the job.

Can\’t I do it myself?

Paintless dent removal takes years to perfect and an amateur repair could cause more harm than good to your vehicle. With paintless dent removal it is important to ensure that the original paint finish is kept in tact and fillers and paint are not required. Therefore the dent technician needs to know exactly what they are doing!

It is important to remember that not all dents can be repaired in this manner. Some require paintwork and further still, some damage is too extensive to rectify with dent repair services  instead, entire body panels may need replacing.

So remember…

The next time your car gets a dreaded dent or ding, think about calling a dent removal specialist before claiming on your insurance! As often, it is cheaper than paying your insurance excess

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