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Customer Service Is King Part I


The very moment you hear from a potential customer, your polished customer service routine should kick into gear. Your customer will develop their first impression based on your response time and your attitude. The most important decision made is whether they are going to work with you or someone else who is more customer service based.

This is exactly where most PDR technicians and auto body shops fail. You can\’t allow yourself to become complacent and worse, robotic in your check-in routine. Keep in mind that customers that come to you as a result of an accident may have never had to do this before. They get overwhelmed quickly when receiving rapid fire instructions on how to deal with insurance companies, rental car agents and tons of paperwork. The entire process gets confusing within minutes. In fact, I would venture to say that the customer would rather go to the Dentist than deal with all of this.

It will become imperative that you slow down and offer a more comforting, friendly experience right from the beginning. You want to give a personal touch to your services offering quality attention and the guidance they deserve and need. You only have one opportunity to make that first impression and you absolutely do not get a redo. You need to slow down and be organized and provide a seamless experience right from the start. This is the best way to make their first impression a good one.

Following are eleven steps that will help your business greet and handle customers in a way that boosts your image as a business, quality of the repair process and overall experience you provide:

First, greet the customer-For a PDR technician, this greeting starts online. Your response time and how you respond will be the difference between securing the customer and chasing them away.

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