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Customer Service Is King Part VIII



We live in a dog-eat-dog world and you have got to be continuously cognizant of how you conduct your business. Once you have completed your walk around with the client, you need to get a signature and even initials after each paragraph to ensure that everything is completely understood. You certainly don\’t want to find yourself in court where the customer says that you slipped an extra page for a signature out of them on the bottom of the form. Meaning what they signed for is not what they agreed to. Having initials throughout the form is very difficult for the customer to argue or win their case. One very efficient method for signature is the use of an iPad. With the right app or program, such as ProfitNet management system, your customer can review the work order and sign everything with one simple fingerprint or signature. You can even add their payment information resulting in a quick checkout when the job is done. Customers are usually very grateful for the simplicity of the process.

Eleventh, make sure to discuss the anticipated finish date-This is a huge cause for contention for customers and understandably so. While it\’s understandable that at the beginning of the project you can\’t be absolutely sure how things are going to go until you have had the chance to really get in there and start working your magic. You can however give the customer some sort of best case/worse case projection. In addition, you can call them if you come across a stumbling block of some sort. Communication is key. A lot of this will depend on the insurance company too. You can only speak on your own behalf but let them know that if all the stars align, you will have their vehicle ready by such and such a date.

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