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Customer Service Is King Part VII



Once you have successfully taken out one wall at a time, the customer finds that they have a connection with you, they can relate to you and that alone goes a long way to create a bond. Next or instead of, get to know their children if they are around. Ask them things like what sports they are in, how they are doing in school. You will be amazed at how easy this process is and also how the family or customer responds. If their children are comfortable with you, then they are too. The best way to a man’s heart is through their stomach, the best way to a customer’s heart is through their children. Simple but true. Another wall busting method is to have some fun with the customer by poking fun at them when appropriate. You need to let the customer guide you into this method. Meaning, say the customer pokes fun at themselves and you gently agree but in a joking way. Like say they say \”This is my third accident, maybe I should just start using public transportation\” you can come back with something as simple as \”I hear it costs far less than an insurance deductible.\” You both start laughing and you have become their new friend. It\’s all about the timing. Having light-hearted conversations causes customers to put their guard down and lets you get to know them better. Excellent trust builder.

Tenth, make sure to grab that needed signature-It makes no difference how well you are getting along with the customer, if you don\’t have a signature that represents the agreement you have made with your customer, then you don\’t have a leg to stand on in a court of law. Gone are the days of a verbal agreement or a handshake meaning anything.

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