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Customer Service Is King Part VI



Now back to the walk-around. Once you have completed the climbing under the vehicle and have a clear picture of what needs to be done and the degree of difficulty associated with the task, oh and let us not forget about the projected cost of parts. Meaning, an entire panel may have to be replaced, which is then readied for a body shop to paint. These are all considerations that need to be discussed. Once you have agreed upon the process necessary to make them whole once again, you could contact the body shop that you have in your pocket, right in front of them. This way, they have a realistic view of what the out of pocket costs will be. Make sure you have a great relationship with the insurance agent and the body shop. Try to keep the cost as low as possible. As a matter of fact, if you can bring the cost in at a lower level, this too will go a long way on the impression that you have made. Don\’t make pie-in-the-sky promises, just do it.

Ninth, develop a bond-Creating a bond between yourself and the customer speaks volumes to your character. Don\’t push too hard, you don\’t want to come off as an interrogator. Ask simple questions like what they do for a living, their favorite restaurants, their children, sports and other things they are involved in, like volunteer work or more. Pay attention to your surroundings, if you\’re in the garage, what sports equipment do you see? Do they enjoy biking? Is there a motorcycle in there? There are many signs of a person’s personal likes and dislikes, you just have to train the eye to recognize them and use them to your advantage, without being creepy. This will take time to sharpen this skill but it will make the difference between success and failure.

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