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Customer Service Is King Part V



I think this could be a fun way to update them and a great way to leave an impression. Seriously, how many do you know that would take the whole three minutes it may take to give a personal touch such as this? Excellent marketing opportunity, think about it.

Eighth, you MUST do a walk-around-This is absolutely non-negotiable! You must do a walk-around with the customer, perhaps after you have done your own, which is when they will be comfortably sitting on the fold-able chair you provided. Just a quick sidebar here, make sure that the chair you bring is padded and truly comfortable. To use a plain metal chair is just crude. Most would be more comfortable standing than they would sitting on those awful metal chairs. Besides, most people have watched enough bloopers to know that the metal chairs tend to break when sat in. This is not okay. You will probably be in their driveway or garage and they probably have their own chairs, but why make them make the trip to the backyard and carry it back if they don\’t have to. Additionally, may I add that you should have a nice ice chest with an assortment of non-alcoholic beverages? Namely, water, soda or berry drinks. One or two of each would be suffice. You\’re not trying to throw them a BBQ but since you are a mobile unit and you don\’t have a shop that offers these type of hospitality options, you need to bring them with you. Sounds crazy but yet again, I am trying to show you that these are the efforts that stand out in the minds of your customers, these are the things that set you apart from the average Joe.

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