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Customer Service Is King Part IX



You never want to give false hope or set up false expectations. In most cases, the repairs you do will be done within a couple to three hours. It\’s not as if you are a body shop where you are able to put the car in a locked yard overnight. Any job that requires that is probably best served by a body shop. Most often you will be doing the work at the customers home, so they will see what is going on and how much longer it might be. The rules for a PDR technician are far more flexible than that of a body shop so reaching your goal is not facing all day interruptions by phone calls or other customers needing assistance. It\’s you and the job in front of you. Easy enough.

How does this Impact your Business?

The power that these eleven steps has in your business is and will be amazing. If you don\’t allow yourself to become complacent in your job and you work very hard at being very engaged with your customers, you will have great success. The very minute that you lose track of your objective to be a customer focused business will be the very minute that your business starts on a downward spiral. You want your customer to be more than just casually happy, you want them to be overtly happy. Remember that you are looking to wow the customer. If you don\’t then referrals are out the door. Take the time to get to know your customer, this alone will set you apart from the competition.

Don\’t forget to ask the customer to leave you feedback on your website. You especially want this if the customer had a great experience. It\’s not enough that they are happy with the repair, that should be expected, but how they felt throughout the process is what will soar in the eyes of those looking to possibly employ your services.

Your success is based solely on the customer’s more than satisfied response. If you did everything right, you will not only have happy customers but you will have referrals forever and their repeat business.

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