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Customer Service Is King Part IV



You can either design one yourself or look online for any templates that match your needs. Make sure not to make the mistake of interjecting your opinions during this process. Acting like you know what they’re talking about or giving examples of other customer’s experiences will alienate your customer. They want to feel like they are the only ones who have ever had to go through such an ordeal.

Seventh, make sure that you get all contact information-Yes, I know, this should be common knowledge, but alas, it is not. Go over the information provided to be sure that you are able to read their writing. Also, you will want to ask which their preference for making contact is. Meaning, if they are at work during the day, perhaps they cannot answer their phone. Most every job allows for email, so will they want you to contact them on their email? It may even be their company email which they may not have provided. These are important details and shows that you are as sharp as a tack. Another option could be text messages, maybe those are less invasive and they are able to at least look at them without interrupting a potential meeting they may be in. Finally, ask them how often they would like to be updated on the progress of their vehicle. Some will not want to be interrupted unless there are more costs incurred, while others like to be kept in the loop on an hourly basis. There are those that are completely unreasonable but how hard is it really to set an alarm on your phone to make the call? You could even, in these times of annoying selfies, send selfies of you in front of the latest accomplishment.

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