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Customer Service Is King Part III



Fourth, you must be empathetic to their situation-Expressing true concern for what the customer has gone through shows them that you care more about their wellbeing than you do the dollar sign that their business represents. Each time a post-accident person shares the experience, the closer they get to healing from it. If they simply don\’t want to talk about it, unless you have mad psychology skills, just leave it alone. You could say something like \”I can understand if you don\’t want to talk about it, you don\’t have to.\” More times than not they will feel like they were somewhat rude and will open up about it, even if only a little. Remember, they could be terribly embarrassed if the accident was their fault due to negligence, like talking or texting on their cell phone. You\’re walking a fine line so walk it gently.

Fifth, you will need some accident questions answered-Sometimes, in spite of wanting to give your customer their privacy with regards to their accident, you will need to get some of the details of what was damaged. For instance, not all damage is obvious. If a person was hit from behind and they had their brakes applied sternly, this could cause frame damage and even suspension damage. Let your customer know that you don\’t need the information leading up to or following the initial impact, what you do need to know is what happened to the car specifically.

Sixth, make sure to take notes-You invoke trust when you take notes during the explanation time. It says that you are paying attention and care enough to understand. You should have some sort of intake form for this process.

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