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Customer Service Is King Part II



Let\’s say that the customer has submitted a quote request form on your website. They have filled out all of the information and even left a comment explaining their personal situation. Of course you want to respond immediately by email or phone call. Once you do either, your tone needs to be somewhere between very calm and energetic. Too calm and they will feel you aren\’t understanding what they need, too energetic and they will feel that you are rail roading right over them without hearing what their complaints are. It\’s a fine line that with practice you will master. Take notes on what you think you could have improved on with the customer so that the next potential customer will benefit from your learning curve.

Second, your intake process-You will need to immediately understand where your potential customer is in their process. Have they already spoken to their insurance company? Or do they even want to go through their agent? Is this a fender bender? Or will this be a collaborative repair with a body shop? If so, which body shop? They will come to you in any stage of the spectrum and it’s up to you to figure out what you can do to provide assistance.

Third, provide hospitality and pleasantries-This step is more difficult for a PDR technician in their mobile business, but not impossible. When you go to give a quote, especially if you are dealing with a woman, bring a folding chair for them. This may seem ridiculous but women and the elderly will appreciate the gesture. You want to consider that you are giving a comprehensive quote that will include pictures, beyond what they already sent you, and then looking under the affected panels. This can take some time. While they feel they should be there to witness the quote process, they probably haven\’t considered the time it takes to be comprehensive.

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