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When Building Your PDR Business; Not All Advice Is Good Advice

When it comes to starting your PDR business, you will need to be careful who you share your concerns, questions, or ideas with. Following are a few types of people you need to aware of, and perhaps stay away from:

1. Over Confident-The over confident know-it-all type have something to say about everything. They may be very smart about most things but if they don\’t have personal experience in the PDR trade, then most likely anything they say is an opinion. Their advice is irrelevant and should be ignored for the most part. It\’s easy to get caught up in what these people say, you need to stand your ground and don\’t allow them to get you down.

2. The Far too Cautious-The cautious could very well suggest that you tighten the budget to get through the storm. This may be good advice in the short-term but will kill your business in the long-term. Other companies who have vision will take calculated risks and come out the other end not only existing but flourishing.  These are the leaders.

3. Ulterior Motives-Watch for those that may have a reason for not wanting you to be successful. Perhaps they are jealous, or want to open a business like yours. there can be a number of reasons why a person could have ulterior motives. If you have to ask or wonder, then follow your instincts and avoid taking advice from this person.

If you have questions about your industry, you will need to find someone who is a mentor type. Here at Paintless Dent School we offer our students business advice and will gladly help you with your questions. We have years of experience in this industry and have a full understanding of what the smartest and strongest have done to be  successful. Just give us a call or go online, we\’re here to help.

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