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How Are You Answering Your Potential Customer Calls? Part IV


So it’s time to take a hard look at your closing ratio. You should have a 70% closing ration which means that you need to be converting at least seven out of ten calls into jobs. How do you do that? Really take note of your actions and words.

Evaluate how you sounded on each call. If possible, record your calls so that you can play them back later. I’m sure there’s an App for that.

Now that you have recorded the calls, take the time to really listen to them and evaluate them every day for about 20 days to gain a true sense of what needs to be fixed. It’s said that after 20 days of doing the same thing over and over, develops a habit that becomes a permanent routine.

Once you have had the opportunity to track your calls, you can start to analyze where you lost your customers or better, how you closed the sale. Focus specifically on the strengths and problems and set yourself to correcting them or enhancing the positive. Stay clear of paying more attention to how silly you sound. Really get busy on what you can do to make things better and not to make similar mistakes in the future.

You may find that you are weak in the selling department, so change the words around and find a way to get comfortable. If you see a pattern of poor choices in wording, then focus on that. Create a cheat sheet with the keywords that you want to be sure to hit on while on the phone. If you’re rushing through the monetary part of your conversation, then learn to take a silent breath and slow it down. Rushing creates suspicion in the customer. Your point is to gain their trust.

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