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Women In The Collision Repair Industry; Why Not? Part IV



When your mom speaks of the dangerous toxins in the collision repair industry, see this as your opportunity to educate her. Collision shops of today, along with the manufacturing companies involved in our industry, are shining examples of being stewards of health and safety by pursuing environmentally-mindful processes and products. The days of lacquer and toxins are long gone.

Set your goals, build a plan, find a mentor and follow your dreams.  WIN is an excellent resource but you could also contact us for more options.

Follow-Up: There were many responses posted as a result of the original post with Body Shop Business. Fortunately, I am not obligated to post them on this post but just wanted to mention my thoughts. While some thoughts are certainly interesting, I feel that the arguments made were not a true response to this young ladies query but more of a platform to speak against the industry as a whole. This is truly disconcerting and I find it hard to believe that this young lady got anything from the comments except more confusion. I do hope that there are more out there that have strong and positive opinions about this industry and can offer this young lady a glimmer of hope. This industry has not died and there is no way that it would. There will always be a need for collision repair even if futuristic cars come with some sort of self-healing body. Not everyone can afford a new car and I am quite certain that the US as a nation will buy everyone a new car. So you see, there will always be a need for the collision repair industry and I have always advocated for women in any industry that they believe they are suited to or have always dreamed about.

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