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Women In The Collision Repair Industry; Why Not? Part III



In the article, there is a point made by Denise Caspersen, Chair of Women’s Industry Network (WIN) and industry relations/project management/innovative strategic planning professional with National Auto Body Parts Warehouse.

Women in the collision repair industry are having a positive impact on the industry! During the most recent WIN Educational Conference, women from all segments of the collision repair industry gathered to hear messages from leaders inside and outside our industry focused on achieving our goals. A key takeaway from Jane Hylen, senior vice president, North Central Region, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental, Alamo Rent A Car, centered on taking charge of your path, setting your goals and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone – in the largest sense, following your dreams.

Taking a path that\’s less traveled doesn\’t mean its wrong, but you must understand that the path will be filled with \”non-prescribed” opportunities and experiences. Facing challenges and looking at them as opportunities requires courage, and no one is born with courage. Courage comes from a rich background of varied experiences and a desire to push yourself beyond your fears. Being required to prove your talents and show you know what you\’re doing isn\’t about gender; it’s about growing as a professional through life’s challenges. No matter where your life choices take you, as a leader, you will always be required to prove your abilities.

There are many women in the collision repair industry. These women can be found in all facets of our world – painters, technicians, appraisers, financial directors, business owners, heads of corporations, engineers and so much more. When someone says they “don’t hire women in the back,” remember that\’s their limitation, not yours. Many businesses in our industry are recognizing talent beyond gender and are benefiting from this.

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