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Women In The Collision Repair Industry; Why Not? Part II



Since the time of women’s liberation and before, women have been entering the workforce performing previously considered men\’s jobs, and with great success. We have women in Car Racing Competitions, Truck Drivers, Lawyers, even Judges that have proven to be very successful. We even have women going to war and not just as a Nurse. Women have gone great lengths to prove their position in a previously considered man’s world.

Even with this in mind, it is often found that women forging a trail for others, often times have to act the part to get respect. Meaning, in our world, if you\’re going to blaze a trail, a woman may have to give up a part of herself that is very feminine. It shouldn\’t be this way, but in most predominately male industries, you will have to hang your feminine ways at the door. Does this mean you have to talk like a truck driver and ignore the naked pin-ups that have littered the walls for centuries? Yes, probably. In time, when respect has been earned, there could very well be a change in climate, but be prepared to endure the worse using a healthy dose of indifference.

She mentions that she will basically be hanging out with guys and nothing can be closer to the truth. Her mother\’s response is to encourage, even convince her, to go and pursue her art career in graphic arts instead of working on cars. The mother even cited that she felt that the collision repair industry worked with harsh chemicals and is dangerous and toxic. That\’s a great angle really, but still doesn\’t go far in masking her true fear and concerns. Fortunately, the young lady is wise in seeing the truth behind the mask, but still wonders if it is possible.

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