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News Update on Aluminum, Loans and Alcoa Inc. Part III


The form says Alcoa intends for the output to be used for automotive purposes. That is a requirement of the ATVM program, which specifies that the vehicles funded by the program must be at least 25 percent more efficient than their counterparts from 2005.

Environmental groups, which pushed for the creation of the program, have signaled that they see lightweight materials like aluminum as a good use of the funds.

“Lightweight materials are a critical, cost effective strategy to meeting stronger fuel economy standards,” Roland Hwang, director of the transportation program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, said in an e-mail when asked about Alcoa’s application. “With the buzz around Ford’s aluminum F-150, we expect others automakers to put their light-weighting programs into high gear. “

Knowing that the industry is getting on board and on the fast track to get compliant with the automobile manufacturers and their requirements when repairing their new aluminum vehicle options, should be of paramount importance to you. What is definitive is that this has gone way past being an idea or a dream, this is a reality and how it applies to you personally should be explored sooner than later.

It\’s important to keep in mind that each manufacturer has its own specs on what is required and the sooner you do inventory and figure out what you have already in stock as far as tools go and what you will need to invest in to be completely compliant. Once you have taken your inventory, studied through our school and are set to get going, you need to contact the insurance companies directly to get on their list of compliant PDR Technicians. They will need you so be prepared once these vehicles have gone mainstream which looks to be around November 2014.

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