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How Insurance Company’s View Paintless Dent Repair

So you have a customer who found your business card when visiting a friend and kept it for himself. A few months later he gets into a car accident. His Insurance Company tells him which body shop to go to for an estimate. He remembers the card and begins to wonder.

Insurance Claims

As a graduated PDR Technician it will be important that you know how your business is viewed by the biggest and best insurance agencies and to create a relationship with them. To get into the hearts and minds of the agents will take you and your business to a whole new level. It would also be good to mention that you will help the customer with their insurance claim from start to finish so that they never have to be bothered with it. This is a strong selling point that you need to include in any and all advertising including your business cards.

You need to be able to speak professionally to the insurance company’s assigned claim adjuster regarding all repair procedures necessary to insure you get the best possible opportunity. Your business is responsible to repair the vehicle back to its pre-accident condition and these repairs could include repairing the damaged sheet metal parts back to the manufacturer design. In addition, the paint finish is to match the original manufacturers finish and color.

The insurance company is in the position of paying for these damages on behalf of the responsible person or business holding the insurance policy. Their business typically involves generating as much income through policies, premiums, and investments, while paying out as little as possible. This is where their expertise resides. Not yours. Your concentration needs to be focused on getting your fee and providing the best possible service.

More on insurance companies to follow in another post.

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