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How Are You Answering Your Potential Customer Calls? Part VI

Once you have created the standard by which your phone should be answered, it becomes much easier to be professional on these calls. It becomes second nature. If you find that your closes are slowing down again, reevaluate your calls again.

You can find many phone trainings on YouTube that will give you an idea of what you should be doing. Take the time and energy needed to train yourself and you could easily double your success ratio.

Again, your customer doesn’t care if you’ve had a bad morning. If you’re not fine tuning your phone skills, you risk losing jobs. Your bottom line declines and your business goes south.

Hopefully, by now, you can see why paying attention to how you conduct your business on the phone is imperative to your success. If you aren’t putting in the time and proper procedures for all parts of your business, well I think you know the answer to that. It doesn’t stop here. I have mentioned in a few posts that your appearance, hygiene and professionalism on all levels is examined by your customers at all times. Don’t show up in shorts and flip flops. Don’t have a can of beer in hand or the smell of alcohol on you. Don’t bring your children to a job, even if it is just a quote. Not everyone finds children adorable. Don’t have your music blaring so that they can hear you coming. Never do this! If you have to listen to music while you work, use headphones.

Follow these simple rules and advice and watch things really begin to take off. You are a huge success waiting to happen. A diamond in the rough. I’m just trying to help you shave off the sharp points and become aware of your every effort to grow.

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