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Ford Has An Aluminum Show And Tell About The 2015 F-150 Part IV



Profits for Ford in 2012 were $5.7 billion and then jumped to &7.2 billion in 2013. The company is worried because not only do they have the new aluminum truck and its uncertainty in the market, but they also have the launch of the 2015 Mustang which has been the cornerstone of Ford\’s success.

If you are in either of the following two demographic areas within the US, you really need to be at one of these events to  research and gain knowledge of the F-150. There are still two more shows introducing the truck before it hits the showrooms this fall. Dealers and operators of independent collision shops should grab the opportunity to attend.

  • The International Auto Body Congress & Exposition Show July 31-Aug. 2nd in Detroit
  • SEMA show in Las Vegas November 4th-7th.

For a PDR Technician, you need to make every effort to be ahead of the industry changes, especially one as big as this. Ford is making history, much as they did back in 1903-1904 with the Ford Model A which was named the Fordmobile. Before this, Henry Ford introduced the Quadricyle. I think it\’s safe to say that Ford Motor Co. has always been a cutting edge manufacturer and taken risks where no one else would. Stretching their financial boundaries at each turn and basically putting it all on the line.

You\’re going to need to know if the body shops you work for are making the transition and when. You\’ll also  need to check with dealerships and find out their response in your area, especially as it pertains to their attached body shop. While you\’re at it, ask if you can sit in on some of the training being offered by the dealership for their permanent full-time technicians. Basically you will want to surround yourself with every bit of information you can glean as this will make a huge difference if the dealership or body shop will be piecing their work to you. Stay plugged in and you will be rewarded.


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