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Dealerships and Hail Damage; A Goldmine Opportunity

This is going to be some of the best advice that you will ever receive. Sell this to your customers, friends, and family. What we’re going to talk about is brilliant, buying a car that has hail damage. Cars that have been in a hailstorm are priced far lower than if they had never been in a hailstorm. You or any of your customers can take advantage of this by buying them “As Is”. This could mean that a car that is worth $3,000.00 will now sell for half that price if not much lower and you should use this opportunity to negotiate a lower price with the seller.

As you already know, as a PDR Technician, hail damage can be difficult to fix as it often times affects the entire vehicle including the sheet metal. However, there are the bulk of cars that look bad but you can fix them. When dealing with the dealerships that suffer a huge hit because of the exposed cars out in the lot, you have the opportunity to swoop in and snag these cars that will be reduced significantly. The dealership is of course responsible for any broken glass and any other mechanical components that get damaged. What you are left with is a vehicle that has cosmetic imperfections.

Oftentimes, the cost of repairing a car may far outweigh what it’s really worth. The insurance companies will consider the car totaled and the dealerships will pass on a deep discounted price to the public. This is GOLD to you or your customers. The cost of using your PDR expertise is far lower than the cost of replacing the parts which is what most dealerships and insurance companies would do in a default mindset.

This could be a really great opportunity to get a mechanically sound vehicle at rock bottom prices. The negotiating tables have shifted, and now you are the one in total control of the outcome. Be warned though that the dealership will probably not be able to offer you the 100% auto credit that you may have become accustomed to because of the resale value of the car.

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