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Changes Are Coming To Automotive Repairs Are You Ready? Part I


Whether you are ready or not, changes are coming. Our first instinct is to rebuff change and pretend that it isn\’t happening or at the very least will go away, but this is just not the case. If you are in the repair industry then you must know that change is inevitable. In this industry in particular, the more you avail yourself to learning new methods involving equipment and training the better off your business will be. The ability to adapt quickly and without struggle determines whether you will survive or not. Those that ignore the changes will be left with no choice but to accept their failed business.  You cannot sit idly by working only on the cars of the past without noticing that you are turning away as much as or more than the cars you are taking in. Turning business away will forever damage your clout and word of mouth will bury you. If a family has three cars and two of them are aluminum and one is pre-aluminum, do you really think that the owner of the cars will take the non-aluminum to you and the other two to a qualified shop? No. You have lost that business for life. That family tells the next family and that family is at a BBQ and tells an entire block, certainly you can see the sick cycle you have created. Start counting your days because they are numbered.

As a PDR Technician, you are going to have to make some tough choices. Stick with the body shop that you work with who has their head in the sand or figure out how to learn the skills that you need to be valuable to customers and shops that are in fact aligning themselves with the changes.

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