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Changes Are Coming To Automotive Repairs Are You Ready? Part V


So what kind of money can you make? With your new found skills affording you the opportunity to work with aluminum, the similarities between the new F-150 and the Alumacraft boats, you will be able to work on both. But just using the Alumacraft as our point and example, you could make anywhere from $6,000 to $8,000 within a very quick amount of time. Add that damage cost and the damage caused to the aluminum truck, this one job could make you enough money to pay a few months worth on your mortgage or give you the opportunity to get your own high-end toys.

Taking advanced training and having the right equipment to perform the work will put you ahead of most. Be proactive and it will pay in dividends.

Checking Your Attitude

Approaching change as positive makes all of the difference in the world. Complaining and worrying is not going to make the inevitable go away or become any easier. Proactively approaching these changes and training as needed will make the change a whole lot easier. Change does not have to be hard it\’s just different.

Final thoughts are that you need to embrace the change, no matter the cost. Your efforts will be rewarded quicker than you can imagine. Don\’t miss out on your opportunity. Take the time to study up on the subject. If you are a welder then you will need to research which welding torch is accepted and for which vehicle type. Find out if the trailers, boats and RVs have certain restrictions in your state. If there is a required type of tool and process that needs to be followed. Also something to consider is that some states restrict the area that you are legally allowed to work in or weld in. Rules are rules and you don\’t want to get an attitude about something that could cost a fortune in fines. Just make sure that you know the rules first before doing.

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