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Changes Are Coming To Automotive Repairs Are You Ready? Part IV


Trailer repair shops are overwhelmed with horse and cattle trailers and are booking two to three weeks out. Knowing the type of aluminum and what gauge will help you when buying the correct wire for the repair and do a good job. Usually, the job itself will take less than an hour when it comes to reattaching a hinge or welding a crack. Now you have a whole new service to add to your list and advertising. Figure out your labor prices and be ready because once the word is out you will be swamped. Also, keep your cash drawer open because most of these sales are on a cash basis.

The greatest reported damage is done to the trailer, boat and truck when an attempt to launch fails. How many stories have you heard or witnessed about the boat ties being untied to ready the boat for its launch when in fact the owner also accidentally released the winch lock for the boat. If you were someone waiting in line for your turn to release the boat into the water, first you would have to be on a sharp incline with the trailer and boat behind you, if you had accidentally released the winch it wouldn\’t take long for the boat to break loose and begin to slide right off the trailer. What hits the ground is the transom and engine and in most cases can cost you in excess of $35,000 to fix on a $75,000 purchase. In this example, the boat had never even seen the water, it never had the chance.

Finding a boat repair facility is very difficult at best and soon becomes a desperate hunt. If you have experience working on the trailer and the body damage you will make a huge amount of money on the job. Of course in the example provided you would not be managing the engine replacement.

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