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Changes Are Coming To Automotive Repairs Are You Ready? Part III


So How Do You Work With Boats, RVs and Trailers?

Many of the boat repairs are very similar to the plastic repair procedures that are currently used. You work on a bigger scale of course and for the most part have to really be sure that you can even do the job. Meaning can you get to the dent on the backside of the panel to perform your PDR task. 304

You should definitely seek out these types of jobs because they generally take a long time and pay very well. During this time you are not having to hustle to find new work so in that instance these can be a nice reprieve.

Boats are only one of the possible toys to get damaged, many more mishaps happen to RVs. Especially the RVs that are as big as a Luxury Coaches and don\’t require a Commercial Driver\’s License. These are not only about as dangerous as they can be the driver\’s driving them have no clue about things like the tail swing and how to calculate for them. You will find many wanting your services to fix the damage so you need to get in the habit of working on a larger scale than you would have to on a car. Your ability to work on a larger scale will keep you busy year round with just these projects.

You may need to invest in a spot welder and learn how to use it especially well. This is one of the tools required to work on the new 2015 Ford F-150. To be able to weld on aluminum opens yet another stream of money as horse trailers, which are made from aluminum, need repairs all of the time. Welders that know how to weld on steel have another thing coming when it comes to welding on aluminum. Aluminum is definitely Not the same beast.

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