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Changes Are Coming To Automotive Repairs Are You Ready? Part II


You will need and be required to know the procedures to work with all types of materials such as plastics, carbon fiber and metals such as ultra-high strength steels, aluminum and magnesium. You and body shops will have to be able to provide these skills if you intend to survive in this industry.  The good news is that these skills will open doors for you and your customers and you will be able to provide the services they need. You will be set apart from those that won\’t change and your business will soar because of it. Your advertising and website should reflect those changes and shout that you are able to take these new aluminum trucks and more.

Boys Have Their Toys

People invest their hard earned money on vehicles and entertainment. The entertainment vehicles being the boats and trailers and more. These toys are just as important because they represent fun and relaxation not to mention the status symbol that comes attached to them. People that own boats have invested thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in the boat, trailer, and truck to pull them.

As hard as the owners may try to protect their toys, mishaps happen. As summer gets closer and closer, so will the traffic on streets, highways, trails and waterways. In our excitement we back-up too quickly, cut the corner at the gas pump forgetting that we are towing, and so many more little accidents can happen. You can talk to any one of these entertainment hounds and they can tell you a story about that one time.

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