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Become an Odor Control Technician (OCT) With Our Odor Removal Training Course 

Odor Removal Training

Odor Removal Training

Are you interested in becoming an expert in odor removal? Our Odor Removal Training course is perfect for you! With hands-on training and an Odor Control Certification, you will gain the skills necessary to effectively remove odors and generate business opportunities.

Our course is designed to teach you everything about odor removal, including the use of iicrc odor control technician certification, Odor Removal Kit, and odor removing systems. With the skills you will learn, you’ll be able to deal with even the toughest of odor removal challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our Odor Removal Training course provides hands-on training and an Odor Control Certification.
  • The course covers the use of iicrc odor control technician certification, Odor Removal Kit, and odor removal systems.
  • By completing the course, you’ll be able to effectively deal with even the toughest of odor removal challenges and generate business opportunities.

Become an Odor Control Technician (OCT) an Expert in Odor Removal Techniques

Odor removal is a crucial aspect of cleaning and remediation, and our Odor Removal Training course equips you with the necessary skills for effective odor elimination. You will learn how to clean and address odors caused by pets,  cigarette smoke, and fire and smoke damage.

In our specialized odor control technician course, students will learn the A to Z of eliminating unwanted odors, from the annoying smells of stale cigarettes to the more serious issues of moldiness. The training is incredibly useful, especially when you consider that many cars that get traded in are also afflicted with various types of odors that need addressing. Our course equips you with the skills you need to restore any vehicle’s freshness, increasing its resale value, and improving the overall experience for the next owner. Whether you’re dealing with stubborn smoke or pet smells, our training ensures that you can tackle any odor issue with confidence.

As a student, you will also learn how to use a true odor oxidizing agent, which is essential for tobacco and fire damage. The hands-on experience in our training course will thoroughly prepare you for remediation work in these specific industries.

Our course includes supply and solution information as well, ensuring that you understand the importance of using the right products and equipment for effective odor removal. With the Odor Control Certification and the skills you’ll learn, you can become an expert in the field of odor removal.

Get Practical Training with Thermal Fogger and Other Odor Removal Equipment

Our Odor Removal Training course gives you hands-on experience with the latest thermal fogging odor removal system.

Material Company Design
Works on all materials and surfaces Leading odor control company Sleek and modern design

The thermal fogging system is highly efficient because of the thermo 55, a highly concentratedheat-activated formula that is used with a thermal fogger. This formula bonds with odor particles and neutralizes them, giving you complete odor removal. The thermal fogger allows the formula to penetrate every nook and cranny, leaving no odor behind.

Upon completing the course, you’ll have a thorough understanding of how to use the thermal fogging system to its full potential. You’ll be able to confidently handle any odor removal job that comes your way and be fully equipped to handle any situation.

Our instructors give you hands-on experience with the thermal fogging system and provide helpful tips and tricks for using the formula in different scenarios. You’ll be able to tackle any odor problem the industry can throw at you.

Targeting Specific Industries and Generating Business Opportunities

By completing our Odor Removal Training course, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to target specific industries and generate significant business opportunities. Boatsrental car fleets, and used car dealers are just a few examples of the potential customers you can reach once you become an odor removal expert.

As you gain more experience and build your reputation, you’ll find that more and more businesses will turn to you to eliminate unpleasant smells from their properties and vehicles. This will not only lead to repeat business but also new referrals and recommendations.

Don’t miss out on these profitable opportunities. Enroll in our Odor Removal Training course today and take the first step towards becoming a sought-after odor removal specialist.

Achieve Certification Through Our Comprehensive Odor Removal Training

Now that you’ve learned all about our Odor Removal Training course, it’s time to take the next step and enroll! With the iicrc Odor Control Technician certification and hands-on training, you’ll become an expert in odor removal techniques and gain practical experience using odor removing systems and tools.

Taking our odor removal training class offers numerous benefits, not least of which is a deep understanding of various odor sources and how to effectively eliminate them. Whether you’re dealing with odors caused by food, pets, or even mold, this course will guide you through the detection process to accurately identify the origin of the unpleasant smells. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be more than capable of providing solutions that don’t just mask the odor but remove it at its source. Understanding the intricacies of odor detection and removal adds a highly valuable skill set to your repertoire, making you a go-to expert in the field.

By mastering these skills, you’ll be able to offer your services across a variety of industries, including boatsrental car fleets, and used car dealers, generating new business opportunities for yourself. Sign up for our course and get ready to become a pro in the booming field of odor removal!


Q: What is included in the Odor Removal Training course?

A: The Odor Removal Training course includes hands-on training, the iicrc odor control technician certification, and access to the Odor Removal Kit and various odor removing systems.

Q: What specific skills will I learn in the course?

A: In the course, you will learn effective odor elimination techniques for pet odorssmoke odors, and fire or smoke damage. You will also gain knowledge on using a true odor oxidizing agent and the necessary solutions for odor removal.

Q: Will I have hands-on experience with odor removal tools and equipment?

A: Yes, the course provides hands-on experience with a thermal fogging odor removal system. You will learn how to use the system on different materials and surfaces, utilizing the thermo 55, a highly concentratedheat-activated formula.

Q: Can I target specific industries after completing the course?

A: Absolutely! Our Odor Removal Training course prepares you to target industries such as boatsrental car fleets, and used car dealers. These industries offer great business opportunities for odor removal experts.

Q: How can the course help me generate business?

A: By acquiring odor removal skills, you can attract potential customers from targeted industries and generate business opportunities. The training allows you to offer your expertise and services in a specialized field.

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