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Customer Service Is King Part IX

  You never want to give false hope or set up false expectations. In most cases, the repairs you do will be done within a couple to three hours. It\’s not as if you are a body shop where you are able to put the car in a locked yard overnight. Any job that requires

Customer Service Is King Part VIII

  We live in a dog-eat-dog world and you have got to be continuously cognizant of how you conduct your business. Once you have completed your walk around with the client, you need to get a signature and even initials after each paragraph to ensure that everything is completely understood. You certainly don\’t want to

Customer Service Is King Part VII

  Once you have successfully taken out one wall at a time, the customer finds that they have a connection with you, they can relate to you and that alone goes a long way to create a bond. Next or instead of, get to know their children if they are around. Ask them things like

Customer Service Is King Part VI

  Now back to the walk-around. Once you have completed the climbing under the vehicle and have a clear picture of what needs to be done and the degree of difficulty associated with the task, oh and let us not forget about the projected cost of parts. Meaning, an entire panel may have to be

Customer Service Is King Part V

  I think this could be a fun way to update them and a great way to leave an impression. Seriously, how many do you know that would take the whole three minutes it may take to give a personal touch such as this? Excellent marketing opportunity, think about it. Eighth, you MUST do a

Customer Service Is King Part IV

  You can either design one yourself or look online for any templates that match your needs. Make sure not to make the mistake of interjecting your opinions during this process. Acting like you know what they’re talking about or giving examples of other customer’s experiences will alienate your customer. They want to feel like

Customer Service Is King Part III

  Fourth, you must be empathetic to their situation-Expressing true concern for what the customer has gone through shows them that you care more about their wellbeing than you do the dollar sign that their business represents. Each time a post-accident person shares the experience, the closer they get to healing from it. If they

Customer Service Is King Part II

  Let\’s say that the customer has submitted a quote request form on your website. They have filled out all of the information and even left a comment explaining their personal situation. Of course you want to respond immediately by email or phone call. Once you do either, your tone needs to be somewhere between

Customer Service Is King Part I

The very moment you hear from a potential customer, your polished customer service routine should kick into gear. Your customer will develop their first impression based on your response time and your attitude. The most important decision made is whether they are going to work with you or someone else who is more customer service based. This

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